In addition to its clean character, solar energy is inexhaustible, unlike other energy sources such as oil or coal.

And since 2019, installing solar panels to have a “solar roof” is already legal, without “sun tax” and profitable.

In Spain, thanks to its large number of sunny hours, you can count on a production of 1500KWh per year for each KWp installed.

Energía solar fotovoltaica y térmica

There are two systems of photovoltaic installation:

Self-consumption systems:

In self-consumption systems, the energy generated instantaneously is used to cover the needs of your household consumption.

Excess energy would be stored in the battery, if available, and/or exported to the grid for a further discount on your electricity bill.

Off-grid systems:

This system accumulates the surplus solar production in batteries to use the energy at night.

They are recommended for those who wish to avoid the high prices of the private electricity suppliers or simply because they do not have the option of connecting to the electricity grid.


It is very profitable to INVEST in photovoltaic energy in Spain as it is one of the countries in the European Economic Community with the highest percentage of solar radiation and solar hours per year.

For each KWp installed, 1500KWh per year is produced (compared to Germany, 700KWh per year).

* A self-consumption system pays for itself in about 5 years, and a stand-alone system with batteries in about 10 years.