Hot water

Hot water and heating

Solar thermal systems for domestic hot water.

Our solar systems are of high quality, made in Austria with a 10 year guarantee.

nergía Solar Fotovoltaica y Térmica en Granada y Málaga

Solar hot water systems


The Thermosiphon system of 200 and 300L domestic hot water is an indirect system that works by gravity. The tank is on top of the panels.

The easy installation allows the installation on all types of roofs: for flat roofs or sloping roofs.

Hot Water Sets


  • Covers up to 70% of hot water demand
  • Universally applicable (tank volume 300-500 litres)
  • Maximum hot water comfort thanks to fast heating through generously dimensioned internal register


  • SONNENTANK multifunctional hot water and heating system
  • Domestic hot water (30l/min) thanks to generously dimensioned stainless steel corrugated pipe DN40
  • Maximum energy efficiency thanks to perfect stratified loading

Radiant floor or wall heating

  • Installation of piping inside the slab – usually mortar – above the floor slab.
  • Uniform temperature distribution, avoids heat loss in high ceilings and stairwells.
  • Can be used in two ways, for heat or cold, in the floor and/or walls.