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The facilities with solar panels , which serve for hot water and heating systems are the most profitable , saving or performance of up to 90 % on hot water and heating 40 % on low heat . These systems use the stored energy for hot water , heating and pool heating .
Now is the best time to install a heating system with solar energy.
There are grants from the Junta de Andalucía for such facilities . This grant is processed through Solartex , as a partner company of the Junta de Andalucía.
Thanks to the great adaptability that have these solar systems, this system can be combined with the existing heating system in your home , maximizing its performance and reducing energy consumption .

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The thermal energy is captured through flat collectors exposed to sunlight (thermal solar panels) . The energy obtained is transported by a liquid calorportador (water with antifreeze) to deposit isolated inertia especially where heat exchange resulting in the heating of heating water accumulated therein occurs .
A pumping ( forced system ) circulation calorportador force fluid through the solar collectors and the heat exchanger in the tank. This deposit acts as of the accumulated energy for heating and water (fresh water module) is used battery.

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Main components:

· Flat solar collector for high performance.
· Aluminum brackets for collectors.
· Manual air vent .
· Heat exchanger
· Stratified buffer tank Solar Energy.
· Group pumping valves .
· Solar Glass special expansion .
· Heat transfer fluid with frost protection.
· Digital PBX .
· Copper pipe / high Armaflex type insulation

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