Disclaimer: Prosol grants the Board Andalucia program ends on 01 of June 2015
Grants will be distributed through the Andalusian Energy Agency ( PROSOL Program)

Solartex has extensive experience with the processing of grants , all applications processed by Solartex resolved favorably .

The amount of the subvencióndepende of the project characteristics . The subsidy ranges from 20 % to 40 % of a reference cost is calculated from the square footage of the project and the performance of the solar system. For a solar heating system for a house of 150m2 the grant is between 3500 and 4500 Euros. For a domestic hot water system 6 The grant is about 1700 Euros.

The amount of the subsidy is higher for products Solarenergy for their excellent reports of trials.

Sustainable Construction Grant Program:

According to the Andalucia Board will open again in 2016 Sustainable construction program .
They are subsidies from 40% to up to 60 % maximum of investment for solar energy. Default 40 % 30 % if a work for the integration of the solar system with a max becomes . 40 % of the value of the installation of the solar system.
10% solar thermal Connect with biomass
10% for high-efficiency systems or inovativas systems.

To request a reservation we need:

– Name DNI
– Certificate stream hacienda
– Current social security certificate
Depending on the size of the project duration varies demand. For a system of hot water up to 10 people or a solar system for heating up 100m2 of the subsidy takes home since we started the application to the entry of money in your account about 2 months (simplified procedure). The processing for larger systems takes up to half a year (ordinary processing).

Right now everyone can benefit from this grant. Also foreigners can apply for the grant for solar energy if they are resident in Spain and install the system in our country. You can not apply for the grant for hot water in the case of new constructions and installation is mandatory. Yes you can apply for heating in the case of new construction. So the installation of a solar system is not expensive budget because the subsidy offset the price difference of installing a solar heating system.

The grant can be requested for all types of solar thermal systems that serve to heat domestic water, heating or to heat the pool.

Solartex handles all the processing of grants without charge to their customers.

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